Frequently Asked Questions How long will the renovation take? This all depends on the extent of the renovation.  It is also important that customers make decisions in a timely manner.  A typical washroom renovation will take 2-3 weeks.  Upon setting a start date, we will contact all subcontractors and book an approximate time.  We will also order all materials that have a longer delivery time. How many quotes should I get? Three is the general rule.  It will give you an idea for price.  But, more importantly, you will be able to meet potential contractors.  Price should not be the diving factor.  You should feel comfortable with the chosen contractor.  He/she should be willing to provide proof of insurance, WSIB clearance certificate, references, and be able to present him/herself in a professional manner. Do I need a building permit? This depends on the renovation.  Structural changes, additions, major plumbing and HVAC alterations all require a building permit.  All electrical work must be completed buy a licensed electrical contractor and he/she must obtain a permit from the Electrical Safety Authority (“ESA”). What information do I need to provide to obtain a permit? A current survey must be provided in order to obtain a permit.  You will also need drawings showing what is involved. Do you take away garbage? Yes.  All quotes include disposal fees for all construction debris. What precautions do you take to ensure my existing floors and/or furniture are not damaged during a renovation? Although we prefer the renovated area to be free of client belongings, we realize that this is not always possible.   We will make every effort to cover furniture that cannot be removed and flooring with drop clothes and protective coverings.  Where possible, we will also use fans to vent air outside. Do you paint or install carpet? Yes.  We can price your renovation to suit your requirements.  When can you start? Generally, it is 3-4 weeks after acceptance of the quote and all details are finalized. However, this depends on current workload and time of year.  Summer is usually booked up early.     Be wary of a contractor who can start tomorrow.  Even if he/she has time, jobs need careful planning, subcontractors need to be contacted and material needs to be ordered. Will you always be on site? No. When sub-contractors are working on various phases of the renovation, other work may not be able to proceed. We will, however, check on progress and address any concerns which may arise. How do we proceed with a renovation? Once the quote is finalized, we will prepare a renovation agreement (for larger jobs) and set a payment schedule.  We will go over the process from start to finish and outline the various steps involved.  We will advise you of any decisions that you may need to make or supplies that you may need to visit. How do I pay? A deposit, usually 10%, is required at the time the quote is accepted.  Sometimes a larger deposit is required if items of a larger nature are required to be ordered.  For example, items such as a kitchen and custom millwork would require a larger deposit.  This will be explained and outlined in a payment schedule.  You will receive an invoice and all taxes will be specified (our HST number is printed on every invoice). What if problems arise? We pride ourselves on being able to stay on budget and anticipating any problems.  But, with any renovation, unforeseen issues may arise.  Unfortunately, this is quite common in older homes.  If unforeseen problems do arise that would require additional cost to the homeowner, we would stop work, inform you immediately and advise on the proper course of action.  We would provide an additional estimate and all changes would be in writing. (C) 2010 Ommert Renovations Website Design by  Moments Of Magic Digital Media Ommert Carpentry & Renovations Tel:   416-843-5716 Fax:  905-231-9282 Email: Metro License No. T85-35987892